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Experts and leaders of NIM visited PANRAN


On September 25, 2019, at the 70th birthday of the motherland, Duan Yuning, the party secretary and vice President of the National Institute of Metrology,China,Yuan Zundong, the Chief measurer,Wang Tiejun, the deputy director of the Thermal Engineering Institute,Jin Zhijun, the Secretary General of the Temperature Measurement Professional Committee and others went to our company for guidance,  and were warmly welcomed by chairman Xu Jun and general manager Zhang Jun.

Zhang Jun, the general manager of our company, told them about the development of our company, the cooperation of scientific research projects and the prospect of development. Later, experts of National Institute of Metrology,China visited the our company's product display area, calibration laboratory, production workshop, inspection center and other places.Through on-the-spot investigation, experts expressed affirmation and recognition to the work done by our company.

During the meeting, chairman Xu Jun, He Baojun, the deputy general manager of technology , Xu Zhenzhen,the product manager and others reported on technology innovation, product research and development, achievement transformation and software/hardware development of our company, and both sides had an in-depth discussion on relevant policy support, technology research and product application. Based on this, our company hopes to use its platform advantages to further strengthen the cooperation with the National Institute of Metrology,China, improve product quality, innovate product structure, and jointly promote the development of the metrology industry.

All the leaders took time out of their busy schedule to conduct field investigationand guidance for our company, which reflected their deep concern for the ourcompany's development. Their encouragement to us is also the source of ourcompany to continue to move forward and create brilliant achievement, promote ourcompany in the industry development to continue to walk in the forefront of thecountry.We will live up to the high expectations of the country and society,forge ahead, make more outstanding contributions, and create a better tomorrow.

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