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The signing ceremony of the laboratory agreement between Panran and Shenyang Engineering College was held


On November 19th, the signing ceremony of the agreement between Panran and Shenyang Engineering College to build a thermal engineering instrument laboratory was held at Shenyang Engineering College.


Zhang Jun, GM of Panran, Wang Bijun, deputy GM, Song Jixin, vice president of Shenyang Engineering College, and the heads of relevant departments such as Finance Department, Academic Affairs Office, Industry-University Cooperation Center, and Automation College participated in the event.


Later, at the exchange meeting, Vice President Song Jixin introduced the history and construction of the school. He hoped that the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and make full use of the resources between the schools and enterprises to jointly build the laboratory in scientific research, technology, product development and coordination. Develop talents and other aspects to expand cooperation, and carry out extensive and long-term work on technological innovation.


GM Zhang Jun introduced Panran development history, corporate culture, technical capabilities, industrial layout, etc., and said that through the establishment of laboratories to carry out school-enterprise cooperation, integrate the superior resources of both sides, and carry out regular technical experience while implementing cooperation projects. Exchange and cooperation, and look forward to the future can combine the advantages of the school, in the artificial intelligence, robotics, big data 5G era and other aspects of more possibilities.


Through signing the agreement, the two sides have established cooperative relations in scientific research cooperation, personnel training, complementary capabilities, and resource sharing.

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