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Warmly welcome SANGAN SANAT Hossein to PANRAN


Panran has to take a new step on its way to the international market, withing the visit of Hossien. 

Without an appointment, the customer fly to our headquarters on 4th Dec.and saw the real factory and production line directly. Customers are satisfied our company integrated very much and Want to be our exclusive agent in located market immediately.

Two parties had a friendly communication and give introduction for each other. Clients firstly visited company buildings, laboratory, technical office, assembly workshop etc. Panran gave the actual operation, explain on temperature calibration products and pressure calibration products. Iran customers gave high reputation on our production line, producing ability, and equipment quality and technical lever. 

At last, Customers are very happy and thankful for this visit to Panran, and had a deep impression on the excellent working enviroment, ordering production process, strict quality controlling system, and products lastest technology. 

PANRAN measurement and control gradually went to the international market, attracting the attention of many foreign customers, panran will be better and better with all colleagues active cooperation and support. 

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