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National Regulations and Regulations Promotion and Implementation Meeting


From April 27th to 29th, the National Regulations and Regulations Promotion Conference organized by the National Temperature Measurement Technical Committee was held in Nanning City, Guangxi Province. Nearly 100 people from various metrology institutes and various enterprises and institutions attended the meeting.


The first process of the meeting was the speech by Secretary-General Chen Weixin of the National Temperature Measurement Technical Committee. She welcomed everyone and explained the purpose and content of this publicity meeting.



At the meeting, the main drafter of the technical specifications, Mr. Jin Zhijun from the National Institute of Metrology, conducted two specifications of JJF1101-2019 "Environmental Test Equipment Temperature and Humidity Parameter Calibration Specification" and JJF1821-2020 "Polymerase Chain Reaction Analyzer Temperature Calibration Device Calibration Specification" Xuanguan. Mr. Jin explained the specifications from many aspects such as measurement characteristics, calibration conditions, calibration data processing, and expression of calibration results, and gave a detailed explanation of the precautions in the use of the two technical specifications.


During the conference, in order to facilitate the participants to have a more intuitive understanding of the specifications, our company provided PR750/751 series High-precision Temperature and Humidity Data Recorders, PR205 Temperature and Humidity Data Acquisitor and other related products on the spot. Participants had a detailed understanding of our company's products and conducted relevant technical exchanges, and gave high praise to our company's products.



This publicity and implementation meeting has a strong guiding role and provides a guarantee for enterprises to correctly understand and use these two technical specifications. 

The publicity and implementation meeting was unanimously praised by the participants, and the meeting was a complete success.

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