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Portable Temperature and Humidity Calibrator


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PR231 Precision Multifunction Calibrator

The PR231 series products have excellent performance indicators, numerous practical functions and powerful human-computer interaction capabilities. The product covers two accuracy levels of 0.01 and 0.02. The measurement and output circuits are completely isolated. In addition to the common functions of the common two-channel calibrator, it also has the functions of p-value measurement and standard temperature measurement.

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1.Temperature difference measurement with accuracy of 0.003 ° C

The PR231A calibrator measures the temperature difference between two points in space without the aid of other instruments. When the function is used, the four terminals of the output function are multiplexed into measuring terminals in the device. The temperature difference data acquisition can be completed within 0.4 seconds, which effectively improves the measurement accuracy. During the test, the 10-minute volatility during the test can also be calculated in real time. Before using the standard platinum resistance or standard thermocouple for measurement work, the measurement results can be traced through the input of the certificate value and meet the requirements of the thermostat test specification for the electrical test instrument.

2.Standard temperature measurement

Unlike ordinary thermocouple quantities and RTD measurements, this measurement method can be used for temperature traceability using certificate values. The types of standard thermocouple/thermal resistors supported include:

Standard thermocouple 1>S type, R type, B type, T type

Standard resistance one> Rtp=250 or Rtp=1002

3.Reference end compensation

The reference compensation method of PR231 series calibrator is very flexible. It can be selected: built-in, external, and custom. The external reference terminal adopts Class A Pt100 platinum resistance, and can input the certificate value for data correction of the reference end. PR231 The series calibrator is used in combination with the PR1501 type temperature compensation module to obtain a reference compensation error of less than 0.07 °C.

4.Precision temperature control

Using the precision temperature control function, temperature closed-loop control of the constant temperature equipment can be realized instead of the high-precision PD controller. In the case of constant temperature equipment and grid voltage, the temperature fluctuation of the equipment can be better than 0.02 ° C / 10 minutes (thermostat).

5.Ohm value measurement

PR231 series calibrator can measure the duty cycle of periodic square wave signal, can be used to verify and calibrate the PID parameters of various digital temperature indicating regulators with time proportional output, and meet the "JG617-1996 digital temperature indicating regulator" "The requirements of the procedure.

6.Thermal calculator

Used to achieve mutual conversion between various power and temperature, supported by electricity

Types of volume and temperature conversion include: working thermocouples, industrial thermal resistance

And a variety of temperature transmitters.

7.Numerical setting method

PR231 series calibrator has the most flexible and convenient output value setting Setting mode, you can directly set the output value through the numeric keypad, or you can pass The direction keys are incremented by bit. In addition, the device also has a The step or ramp value setting method.

8.Sinusoidal signal output function

The verification/calibration of some process recorders (especially mechanical recorders) usually involves the operation of the test. At this time, the device's sinusoidal signal output function can be used to signal the meter.

9.Data logging function

The logging function saves measurement and output data. The PR231 series calibrator has powerful record management functions. Up to 32 device numbers can be created. Each device number has 16 record pages. Each record page contains four basics: time, measured value, output value and custom value. information. Users can perform device management, record deletion, etc. according to their needs.

Basic Parameters



charging power

100~240V AC,50~60Hz



Working temperature


Cell type

7.4V 4400mAh, Rechargeable lithium battery

Working hours

Over 20 hours(Turn off 24V power supply)

Preheating time

10 minutes after preheating


0~80%,Non condensing

Charging time

5 hours

Calibration period

2 years

Multifunction Calibrator model selection table






enhancement model



basic model



0.01 grade



0.02 grade




1.Measuring function terinmal area (withstand 100V DC voltage input error)

2. Output function terminal area(withstand 36V DC voltage input error)

3. Dust cover

4. Sideband (length adjustable)

5. Holder

6. External Pt100 Reference point sensor interface

7. USB2.0 communication interface

8. Multi-function port(with RS232 communication, USD communication, isolated 24V votage output, precision temprature control

 signal output, pressure calibration, and other functions)

9. Rest

10. Supply hun(Connect the external AC power adapter)

11. Equipment nameplate

12. Batter

13. Protective tube

14. Screen contrast adjusting knob

15. Battey port

a. Adjust length here

b. Unfold jacket toward this direction

c. Holder unfold direction

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