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Portable Temperature and Humidity Calibrator


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PR203 Series Temperature and humidity test system

PR203 Temperature and Humidity Acquisitor can connect 32 thermocouples or 16 resistance thermometers and 5 humidity transmitters. After connecting with TCs, RTDs and humidity expansion module, it can be extended to 72 TCs and 24 RTDs, 15 humidity transmitters.

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PR203 Series Temperature and Humidity Acquisitor


PR203 Temperature and Humidity Acquisitor can connect 32 thermocouples or 16 resistance thermometers and 5 humidity transmitters. After connecting with TCs, RTDs and humidity expansion module, it can be extended to 72 TCs and 24 RTDs, 15 humidity transmitters. It has a powerful human interface, which can display the electric quantity and temperature value of each channel under test at the same time. It is a professional instrument for temperature and humidity uniformity acquisition. After connecting the acquisitor, the test and analysis of items such as temperature control deviation, temperature field, humidity field, uniformity and stability of the heat treatment furnace, temperature (wet) environment test equipment can be automatically completed. The standards, methods and specifications of the test cover the national standard, military standard and various current specifications. And it is also small in size, easy to carry.


1.High-speed acquisition

The PR203 can perform data acquisition at a speed of 0.1 S/channel under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of 0.01% level. In the RTD acquisition mode, data acquisition can be performed at a speed of 0.5 S /channel.

2.Professional processing of TC reference junction

The PR203A has a unique CJ compensation design. The temperature equalizer made of aluminum alloy combined with the internal high-precision digital temperature sensor can provide a compensation with an accuracy better than 0.2℃ to the measuring channel of the TC.

3.Short circuit clear function

This function can correct zero point errors in electrical measurement in real time.

4.Sensor correction function

The PR203 modifies the sensor in each channel by loading a correction value on a USB flash disk, which make the sensor correct more simply.

5.Thermocouple measurement accuracy meets the requirements of AMS2750E specifications

The AMS2750E specifications place high demands on the accuracy of the acquisitors. Through the optimized design of the electric measurement and the CJ, the accuracy of the TC measurement of the PR203A and the difference between channels are optimized by significantly, which can fully meet the demanding requirements of AMS2750E specifications.

6.Optional Dry-Wet Bulb Method to Measure Humidity

Commonly used humidity transmitters have many usage restrictions for continuous operations in high humidity environments. PR203 series acquisitor can measure the humidity by using the dry-wet bulb method with a simple configuration, and measure the high humidity environment for a long time.

7.Wireless Communication Function

Through a 2.4G wireless network, a tablet or a notebook, up to ten PR203 acquisitors can be connected at the same time. Multiple acquisition instruments can be used at the same time to test the temperature field, which effectively improves the working efficiency. In addition, when testing a sealed device such as an infant incubator, the acquisition instrument can be placed inside the device under test, simplifying the wiring process.

8.U disk storage function and large flash memory

PR203 series not only supports U disk storage function, but also has built-in mass memory. It can store the acquisition data in the USB disk during operation. The storage data can be saved as CSV format and can also be imported into special software for data analysis and report / certificate export. In addition, in order to solve the security, non-volatile issues of the acquisition data, PR203 series has built-in large flash memories, when working with a USB disk, the data will be double backed up to further enhance data security.

9.Channel Expansion Capability

The PR203 series acquisition instrument can realize the channel expansion by connecting the external module. For the connection between the module and the acquisitor, the operation of increasing the quantity of modules can be achieved with the connection of dedicated plug-ins.

10. Powerful human interface

PR203 series has an operation interface with enriched content, and the operable content includes: channel setting, acquisition setting, system setting, curve drawing, calibration, etc., and the data acquisition can be independently completed without any other peripherals at the test field.

11.Statistics, data analysis function

Each channel has independent curves and data quality analysis, and may provide a reliable basis for the analysis of the pass or fail of the test channel.

12.Reliable structural design

The PR203 series adopts a closed design and the safety protection level reaches IP64. The device can work in a high humidity environment for a long time.


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