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PR522 Water Thermostatic Metrology Bath

1.Temperature control system adopts PID temperature control technology, precision can reach 0.01 ℃. 2. Air - cooled compressor is adopted for refrigeration with high speed and low noise. 3. Standard calibrated cartridge for thermometer, platinum resistance, thermocouple, etc 4. Inside groove adopts arc lateral mixing structure, the structure design of precision and enhance the uniformity of the temperature field, can reach 0.01 ℃. 5. RS232 or RS485 communication interface can be optional to realize data transmission with PC or PLC, remote control. 6. Standard calibrated cartridge for thermometer, platinum resistance, thermocouple, etc.

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Compact baths with the stability and uniformity required for precision thermometer testing


PR500 series liquid Thermostatic Bath uses liquid as working medium. With heating or cooling the media, assisted by mechanical forced stirring, as well as precision temperature control of intelligent PID regulation meter, which generate a uniform and stable temperature environment in the working area, and beneficial to the verification and calibration of varieties of temperature instrument.
PR500 series liquid Thermostatic Bath uses advanced mechanical processing equipment and technology, which fully guarantees the durability of the product. Lateral mixing structure form and advanced temperature control technology guarantees the temperature field uniformity and temperature fluctuation of the constant temperature trough effectively.


1. By using the PR2601 precision temperature controller module,Resolution is 0.001℃ and accuracy is 0.01%

2. The use of touch screen makes the process more convenient

3. Highly intelligent, only need to set the required temperature

4. Real-time display of heating and power curve

5. It can be calibrated by three-point temperature and traced back to the standard

6. Three sets of commonly used SV values can be predicted

7. AC power abrupt change feedback



The Cooling calibration bath thermostat is suitable for all departments of metrology, biochemistry, petroleum, meteorology, energy, environmental protection, medicine, etc., and manufacturers of thermometers, temperature controllers, temperature sensors, etc., to test and calibrate physical parameters. It can also provide thermostatic source for other experimental research work. Examples: grade I and ii standard mercury thermometers, beckman thermometers, industrial platinum thermal resistance, standard copper-constantan thermocouple verification, etc.


1. 12 months warranty for thermostatic instruments.

2. Technical support is also available timely.

3. Reply your enquiry within 24 working hours.

4. Package and shipping worldwide.

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