PR320 Thermocouple Calibration Furnace

Thermocouple Calibration Furnace is a horizontal open-ended tube furnace with a temperature range of 300 C to 1200 C. It is used for comparison calibration of noble and base-metal thermocouples by secondary high-temperature labs and instru
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Thermocouple Calibration Furnace is a horizontal, open-ended tube furnace with a temperature range of 300 °C to 1200 °C. It is used for comparison calibration of noble and base-metal thermocouples by secondary high-temperature labs and instrument shops in industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, metals, and plastics. The PR320 is the most accurate, reliable, and flexible furnace in its class, meeting the demanding requirements of high-temperature thermocouple calibration.   

New equipment to our lab. Tube furnace PR320 working in the temperature range from 300 ° C to 1200 °, the temperature setting will be ultimately controlled type probe "N" by Czaki from Raszyn, the probe measures the temperature inside the furnace and working in the loop temperature controller, diameter of the heating tube is 40 mm. length 600 mm.

PR320A   PR320C
Furnace size φ40mm×600mm  Hole size φ8mm*7
Temperature range (300-1200)℃ Hole depth 90mm
Temperature field center  Deviate from the geometric center not more than 10mm Temperature range 300-1200℃
Temperature field width The temperature difference in 80mm ≤1℃ Temperature field gradient From the bottom of Isothermal hole, the internal temperature difference is not more than 0.5 ℃ in the axial direction of 30mm, and the absolute value of the temperature difference between any holes in the same section is not more than 0.25 ℃.
Temperature field gradient No more than 0.4℃/cm in the 500px range of temperature field center
Shape size 700mm×370mm×450mm Shape size 700mm×370mm×450mm
Application S,R standard thermocouple,working S,R noble-metal,cheap metal thermocouple  calibration Point Isothermal block
 Weight 29kg Weight 31kg
Regulation JJF1184-2007 Test Specification for Thermocouple Calibration Furnace Temperature Field  
《JJF 1262-2010 Calibration specification for armored thermocouple》



1.Wide temperature range spanning most high-temperature applications
2.Flexible configuration for calibrating a wide range of thermocouple types
3.Best-in-class temperature stability and uniformity for calibration accuracy
4.Automated setpoint control for improved lab productivity
5.Deep immersion depth to support most thermocouple calibrations
Isothermal block configuration: Metal- or ceramic-sheathed thermocouples are generally constructed with noble-metal thermoelements and therefore have higher calibration accuracy requirements. The isothermal block improves heat transfer and temperature stability. This better equalizes the temperature between the reference probe and the UUT, which lowers measurement uncertainty compared to calibration without a block.
The furnace configuration can be quickly changed by selecting the calibration parameters stored in the controller for the desired configuration and inserting or removing the alumina ceramic isothermal block.



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