PR500 series Liquid Thermostatic Bath

Panran Calibrations new liquid thermostatBath series features four models covering temperatures from 80 C to 300 C. Find high temperature baths (300 C) and refrigerated baths for low temperature calibration (80 C), in compact packages, and w
Product Details
Panran Calibration's new liquid thermostat Bath series features four models covering temperatures from –80 °C to 300 °C. Find high temperature baths (300 °C) and refrigerated baths for low temperature calibration (–80 °C), in compact packages, and with deep immersion from Panran Calibration our metrology baths are well known world-wide for excellent temperature control that maintains excellent temperature stability (±0.005 °C) and uniformity (±0.007 °C).
Each model includes a 480 mm deep tank to accommodate long-stem PRTs, SPRTs, and liquid-in-glass (LIG) thermometers. Access openings are 100 by 130 mm , so you can calibrate many thermometers simultaneously. Yet only 18~23 liters of fluid are needed to get all the benefits liquid thermostat baths offer.
Product name Model Medium Temp range
Temp fieid Uniformity(℃) Stability
Access Opening (mm) Volum   (L) Weight (kg)
Level Vertical
Thermostatic oil bath PR512-300 Silicone oil 90~300 0.01 0.01 0.07 150*480 23 99
Thermostic water bath PR522-095 Soft water 10~95 0.005 130*480 99
Refrigeration thermostic bath PR532-N00  
0~95 0.01
0.01 130*480 18 110
PR532-N10 -10~95
PR532-N20 -20~95 120
PR532-N30 -30~95
PR532-N40 Anhydrous alcohol/soft water -40~95
PR532-N60 -60~95 200
PR532-N80 -80~95
Portable oil bath PR551-300 Silicone oil 90~300 0.02 100*350 7 30
Portable water bath PR551-95 Soft water 10~95 100*300 6 10
Portable low temp bath PR551-N10  
-10~95 0.04 100*300 6 25
Temperature range:
Using our own best-in-class temperature controller, these baths deliver the performance you need for confidence in your calibrations. The PR512-300 (90 °C to 300 °C) features both stability and uniformity better than ±0.007 °C over its entire range. ThePR532 (–80 °C to 95°C respectively) are stable to ±0.01°C and uniform to ±0.01 °C at temperatures below ambient.And finally, the PR522 provides stability and uniformity from ±0.007 °C to ±0.01 °C over its range from 10°C to 95°C.
1.480mm (18 in) of depth with just 23liters (4.2 gal) of fluid
2.Perfect for liquid-in-glass thermometers with optional LIG kit
3.Fast, quiet, compact (yet deep!), and economical
Used in thermal resistance, glass liquid thermometer, pressure thermometer, bimetallic thermometer, low temperature thermocouple measuring and calibration
Like all Panran Calibration baths, these units come with a report of test that includes one hour of stability data and a verification of set-point accuracy. A convenient overflow reservoir captures any excess fluid resulting from fluid expansion, allowing the trapped fluid to be reused following subsequent fluid contraction. A drain is also provided for easily emptying the bath’s tank when needed.


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