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    PanRan is an illustrious manufacturer of temperature and calibration instruments,The original company  is Taian Intelligent Instrument Factory (state-owned enterprise) established in 1989. In 2003, it was restructured into Taian PanRan Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. and established Changsha PanRan Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. in hunan province in 2013,Our company is mainly responsible for import and export trade.The company has nearly 30 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing of thermal measurement and calibration instruments,It has reputed lead position in technological innovation, software and hardware development and product supporting industry.
    We have passed  ISO9001:2008 certification, in compliance with all national codes and codes and European AMS2750E standards, and are the development and audit unit of JJF 1098-2003, JJF 1184-2007, JJF 1171-2007, JJG 229-2010, JJF 1262-2010, JJF 1030-2010 and JJG 161-2010.My company has more than 30 independent research and development products invention patents and Copyrights.Some core technologies are world-leading.
    Main temperature products: temperature and humidity inspection instrument, precision digital thermometer, standard thermocouple / thermal resistance, multi-function calibrator, thermocouple calibration furnace, Ice-point temperature thermostat; constant temperature oil tank, heat pipe thermostat, thermocouple thermal resistance calibration verification System, thermal secondary instrument verification system, temperature and humidity meter verification box;
    Main pressure products: automatic pressure verification system, manual pressure calibrator, manual air pump, manual hydraulic pump, hand-held pneumatic pump, hand-held hydraulic pump, intelligent pressure calibrator, standard precision pressure gauge, and related instrument accessories.
    Electronic material products: Heat-resistance tape,removing taste tape,protection and fixation tape,baking varnish tape,electroplating tape,PET high temperature tape(Brown),Polyimide tape,Acrylic adhesive tape
Our products are widely used in military systems (including aviation, aerospace, weapons, nuclear power, ships), metering / calibration institutions, rolling stock, automobile manufacturing, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical and other industries. Our products are currently exported to Poland, Brazil, Iran, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia,Sri Lanka, Colombia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Philippines and others.


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