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PANRAN Manufacturing--New height made in China

2019-04-02 11:56
On April 2nd, the world's largest cutter suction dredger “Xinhaixu” set sail from Haimen and go to Saudi Arabia to build an artificial island for oil and gas exploration. The ship was built by Jiangsu Haixin Shipping Heavy Industry (our customers). The length of the ship is 138m, the width is 28m, the depth is 8m, the maximum depth is 36m, the total installed power is 26100kw, and the mud can be dred CBM6500/hour.
Our PANRAN brand of thermocouple verification system (PR320A thermocouple calibration furnace + PR211 precision temperature controller + K-type temperature controlled thermocouple) temperature measuring instrument was sent to Saudi Arabia on March 29, the customer in early 2018 Visiting PANRAN Changsha Company gave full recognition and recognition to our products and services. This time, they repurchased and gave us great support and help in foreign trade of PANRAN.. Thanks to Saudi Arabia VIP customers. The trust of our products, we will not stop, we will only get better and better

We only do the best quality products, and we can also give customers the fastest products satisfaction.I believe that every customer can be satisfied with our products, it will be our greatest satisfaction.
Thanks to Saudi Arabian customers for their trust in panran products, we will not stop and only do better!Hope to establish long-term friendly business relations with many esteemed company!


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