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PANRAN standard thermocouples and thermal resistances fly to Sri Lanka on 4th April

2019-04-04 13:34
All the standard thermocouples and thermal resistances are prepared well for delivery after  getting the full payment within a week.

These are not normal thermocouple and RTD, they are more expensive than gold in  thermal industry. So we packed them rare carefuly and professinally. so net weight is 0.5kg, packing weight is 21 kg! Amazing?! After the professinal export packing, the Standard thermocouples and standard RTDs are escorted to the airport on 2nd April. The goods will be boarded today, Saudi Arabia's thermocouple calibration furnace and temperature controller have been delivered on last Friday, after the long international journery, which goods will arrived the destination earlier?

We sincere wish our customers could recive our PANRAN products satisfactorily! All are goes well! Dear valued custmer as you, any time you are welcome to inquiry or visting!

                                                                                               Boxing bubble packing

                         Separate sponge cushioning package                                 Suspended cushioning package

                                                                          Export special box for customs inspection

                                                                                     Shipping to the airport

                                                                                    Shipping to the airport


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