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Warmly Celebrate The 14th TEMPMEKO &TEMPBEIJING 2019 & MMC 2019 Opening Ceremony Was Successfully Held Today.

2019-06-10 14:50
TEMPMEKO 2019 will be convened in Chengdu, China from June 10 to June 14, 2019.
Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in the southwestern China,Pleasant climate throughout the year.

TEMPMEKO 2019 is hosted and organized by National Institute of Metrology, China and the Chinese  Society for Measurement with the support of IMEKO TC12.
This is an exciting event with the best research in temperature metrology from the world's leading experts to academic discussion with temperature metrologists from all around the world.

PANRAN as one of platinum sponsors will be attending TEMPMEKO 2019 and invited to attend the  industry exchange conference and product display platform.
We would like to thank TEMPMEKO 2019 and our customers for their support and help.

The TEMPMEKO event created an international forum to facilitate professional communication and  communication between experts in the field of temperature and thermal measurement.
During the meeting, the participating experts and foreign customers face-to-face communication,  exchange test and calibration experience, observe new products and learn technical methods.

The temperature and pressure measurement and calibration instruments independently developed by our  PANRAN company have received extensive attention,we can harvest productive interactions.
There are many visitors from different countries shows interests in PANRAN instruments. The response  from the exhibition was enthusiastic.

Hope PANRAN brand calibrator could be used by more and more customers worldwide. 
On behalf of PANRAN, Sincerely hope that TEMPMEKO 2019 will be a complete success.


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