Changsha Panran Commerce And Trade Co., the branch of Tai’an Panran Measurement & Control
Science and Technology Co.Ltd, it .with nearly 30 years’ experience in "instrument thermal metering calibration
instrument” technologies development and manufacturing, We win the technology innovation, soft hardware
developing and product matching industry leading position. We are famous temperature measurement and
calibrating instrument manufacturer.  

    Our main products: Temperature and humidity calibration  device, Temperature thermocouple calibration
device, Thermal instrument verification system;  Thermostatic oil bath; Heat pipe thermostatic bath; Temperature and humidity verification box; Pressure calibration equipment; Temperature product accessories and some other
instruments (Ultrasonic flaw detector,   Hardness tester , Colorimeter ,Surface roughness tester; Thickness gauge ;
Digital caliper, Projector etc. ) 

    Our Panran Brand products have many technology patents and independent property right , and are of the lead
position in domestic level. Most of them meet AMS2750E standard. They are widely use in military system,
measuring and calibration institutions, rolling, stock, machine, metallurgy, electricity, oil, chemical, instrument and meters industries.

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Tel:0086 73189717319

        0086 13787123465
Address:No. 2112, Bldg. 8, Jiajing Plot, No. 159, Luyun Road, High-Tech Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan, China 


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