PR280 Type Electric Ventilation Wet and Dry Instrument

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Product overview:

PR280 type electric ventilation wet and dry instrument measures relative humidity with ventilated wet and dry bulb methods, which avoid the effect of wind speed on humidity. It is able to carry out multi point humidity correction, and further improve the measurement accuracy by correcting the wind velocity and pressure. The certificate value of the dry and wet ball sensor can be input to do sensor data correction. With the 320 × 240 dot matrix large screen liquid crystal display, it can display the relative humidity, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, air pressure, wind speed and other data at the same time.

Technical characteristics:

l It measures relative humidity with ventilated wet and dry bulb method, which avoids the effect of wind speed on humidity.

l Imported Pt100 platinum resistance was adopted as temperature sensor, which makes temperature measurement accuracy and stability.

l High accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.

l With the correction of multi point humidity, wet and dry bulb temperature correction, wind speed correction, air pressure correction and so on; the measuring range of humidity is wider and more accurate.

l Calibration can achieve a higher accuracy level.

l The correction parameters of dry bulb and wet ball sensor are stored in the machine, and the error caused by the deviation of the IEC index table is eliminated.

l The system can be calibrated automatically at boot time, which is easy to use and stability.

Technical parameters:



Measurement range






Humiditybetween 4070RH ±1.0RH 
               Except 4070RH ±1.5RH 

Environment conditions

(2030)℃ <85%RH

Power supply

220V AC   50Hz