PR381 Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Products Detail

 The design and manufacture of PR381 type temperature and humidity verification box drew lessons from Japanese advanced technology. Its technical specifications meet the requirement of Verification Regulation of JJG205-2005 Mechanical Temperature and Humidity Meter. Test certificate of NIM and Beijing 304 institute can be provided.
Product features:
   ● It is small in size, and the whole model is beautiful and generous. Mirror stainless steel container was adopted, and four semi-circular corners be cleaned easily.
   ● There is double-layer glass door observation window for easy and clear observation.
   ● This machine can adjust the temperature and humidity control at will. Sensor adopts imported parts.
   ● Full touch screen operation is adopted, and the interface is beautiful and generous. With intelligent temperature and humidity controller, the temperature and humidity control is accurate and reliable.
   ● The power of the whole machine is not more than 1.5KW.
   ● The process of humidification and desiccant is fast, and the time is short for achieving stability.
   ● Specially equipped with the wind speed regulator, you can adjust wind speed when you need.
   ● With two operating holes, users can put hands into the box to do the adjustment work.
   ● Don’t need defrost. It can work for a long time in the 40%-90% range.

Technical parameters


1,the touch screen; 2, the temperature adjuster; 3, humidity regulator; 4, internal recycle air outlet; 5, an internal circulation air return; 6, a condenser inlet; 7, mobile castors; door locks; 9, the transparent observation window; door 10, 11, left transparent observation window; 12, right transparent observation window. 13, the inner cavity of the handle hole.