PR540 Zero Point Thermostatic

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The Model PR540 takes advantage of the latest solid-state cooling technology rather than relying on older, less reliable sealed-water-cell devices. This eliminates the possibility that the sealed water cell will freeze and burst while transporting the unit to field locations. And our solid-state cooler is run by an adjustable electronic controller that can be recalibrated in your lab for convenient recertification. Simply place a certified standards thermometer in one of the wells and, if needed, tweak the PR540 controller until the standards thermometer reaches equilibrium at 0 °C.


Since the unit is completely self-contained and doesn’t require any user settings, you can run it on demand for instant access to an accurate, traceable zero point. Set it up with the reference junction of a thermocouple for high-accuracy thermocouple measurements.


Less costly than refrigerated baths, more accurate and less problematic than ice baths, and more durable and better looking than competitive units using sealed-water cells, the PR540 Panran Calibration Zero-Point Dry-Well is a great choice for any calibration lab! PR540 Zero-Point Dry-Well are neither expensive nor complicated to use. If you need supporting data or would like to discuss the theory of operation of PR540 Zero degree celsius thermostaic feel free to contact us.



Ice-point reference without the ice

Bath-quality stability in a portable ice-point reference

Easy re-calibration for long-term reliability

Ready-light frees user’s time and attention

Solid-state cooling technology








Temperature Range

0 °C

0 °C

Display resolution




0 °C±0.03 °C

0 °C±0.05 °C

Maximum cooling rate

3 °C/min


Cooling Time

Approx. 20 minutes

Approx. 30 minutes





320x 370x 120 mm

320x 315x 220 mm

Working enviroment

10~35 °C  10~70%RH

5~32 °C  10~70%RH

Well Dimensions

wells 8 mm dia. x 200mm

wells 8 mm dia. x 180mm




NIST-Traceable Calibration

Data at 0 °C

Data at 0 °C