PR9110 intelligent digital pressure module

Products Detail

PR9110 intelligent digital pressure module

Main Application:

1.calibrate general pressure gauge

2.calibrate the precision pressure gauge

3.calibtate the blood pressure gauge

4.calibtate other pressure gauges

5.Precision pressure measurement



mmH2OmmHgpsikPaMPaPambarbarkgf/cnine pressure units interconvert

Pressure measurement:

1.Pressure range selection: (-0.1 250)Mpa

2.Accuracy: ±0.05%F.S

operating environment:

1.The environment temperature (20 ~ 50) ℃

2.Relative temperature: <95%

3.Storage temperature: (30 ~ 80) ℃

Other indicators

1.Dimensions: 41mm x 41mm x 128mm

2.Communication interface: seven-core special aviation plug

3.Weight: 0.2 Kg