PR9120W Full-Automatic Micropressure Generator

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PR9120W Full-Automatic Micropressure Generator

PR9120W Full-Automatic Micropressure Generator, was specially designed to verify  micro-differential pressure transmitters and micro-differential pressure gauges,solved the problem of micro-pressure instrument can’t be calibrated via manual verification. It was developed by adopting high-speed AD,high performance servomotor and controller, in the meantime combine the software control technology of the latest algorithm. The pressure is stable and fast speed,high control accuracy, it is very suitable for the need of periodicity, mass& repeatability calibration from industrial and enterprise. Full-automatic control,10 inch touch screen,with a fully functional layout and design of the software,make the calibration of micro-pressure will not be difficult any longer,but enjoy happiness and easy of high-tech equipment.


Product Features:

◆ Mainly used for the calibration of micro-differential pressure transmitters and micro-differential pressure gauges;

◆Fast control speed,the pressure reaches a set point less than 15 seconds;

◆The time of automatic stabling pressure for measured points can be set up optionally;

◆The control pressure has high stabilization,up to ±0.1Pa;

◆Complete protecting function:When setting pressure above standard,software system will indicate input error,when system pressure accidentally beyond 10% of the standard schedule,the device will stop to pressurize,meanwhile depressurize immediately,to protect the safety of the instrument;

◆Pressure generation for the quickness, stability and non—overshoot,comply with the relevant vertification regulation of pressure instruments.

◆Manual step change,automatic step change,switch measurement

◆The data collectioncalculation and preservation will be carried out automatically by a computer,The result generated will be printed out as the certificate and report.

Mainframe can change more than one range PR9112 smart pressure calibrator to improve the measurement accuracy,convenient for periodic calibration.

10 inch touch screen,built-in windowCE system and the control software,enabling the equipment operating stability, also supporting remote monitoring & maintenance, and software upgrade.

Technique Data:

◆Pressurize range : (-40~ 40) kPa

  Min-calibration : (0~ 40) Pa

◆Accuracy : 0.05%F.S

◆Working medium : Air

◆Pressure control volatility : <0.005%F.S (±2kPa,it’s±0.1Pa)

◆Communication interface : 2 RS232

◆External dimensions : 420mm*280mm*230mm

◆Weight : 12KG

Working Environment:

◆Environmental temperature : (-2050)℃

◆Relative humidity : <95%

◆Power Supply : AC220V