PR9140A/B Handheld micro-pressure pump

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PR9140A/B Handheld micro-pressure pump

This product is pressurized pump body and pipe are used heat treatment, effectively prevent the impact of environmental pressure on the stability.Wide pressure regulating range, high stability, portable structure design, small size, light weight, suitable for field operations and laboratory calibration


Main Application

Calibration micro-differential pressure transmitters

Calibration micro-differential pressure sensor

Calibration micro pressure diaphragm pressure gauge

Product Features:

1. The use of heat treatment to prevent the impact of environmental pressure on the stability

2. Portable structure design, small size, light weight

3. The range of micro pressure regulation is wide and the stability is high

Technical index:

1. Operating environment: Field or laboratory

2. Pressure range:(-70 70)kPa

3. Minimum scale:0.01Pa

4. Output Interface: M20×1.5(2pcs)

5. Dimensions:290mm×220mm×160mm

6. Weight:1.0Kg

Ordering Information

PR9140A(-40 40)kPa

PR9140B(-70 70)kPa

PR9149A Various specifications of the joints     Optional

PR9149B High pressure hose         Optional

PR9149D oil and gas separator       Optional