PR9142A hand-held hydraulic pump

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PR9142A hand-held hydraulic pump

New hand-held hydraulic pump, the product structure is compact, easy operation, smooth lift pressure, voltage stabilizing speed, medium filter using level, ensure the oil cleaning, prolong the working life of the equipment.This product volume small, the pressure regulating range is big, lifting pressure and effort, the best pressure source field.

Main application:
1.Check the pressure (differential pressure) transmitters
2.Check the pressure switch
3.Calibration precision pressure gauge, the common pressure gauge

Product features:

1.Small volume, easy to operate
2.Booster speed, 10 seconds can step up to 60 mpa
3.Voltage regulation speed, can reach 0.05% within 30 seconds F.S stability
4.Filter medium using level, guarantee the equipment performance

Technical indicators:

1.Using the environment: the scene or laboratory
2.Build pressure range (0.085 MPa ~ 60)
3.Adjust the fineness of: 0.1 kPa
4.Working medium: transformer oil or distilled water
5.Output interface: M20 x 1.5 (two)
6.Shape size: 350 mm * 200 mm * 150 mm
7.Weight: 3 kg

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