PR9144C high-pressure hydraulic pump manually

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PR9144C high-pressure hydraulic pump manually

This product from the traditional one-way valve structure design, line is not easy to jam.At the same time, the use of special sealing, high crushing strength, high pressure can be obtained.And this product can also produce - 80 kpa vacuum degree, you can check the vacuum pressure gauge.


Main application:
1.Check the pressure (differential pressure) transmitters
2.Check the pressure switch
3.Calibration precision pressure gauge, the common pressure gauge

Product features:
1.Without a one-way valve structure design, not easy jam
2.Adopt new design structure, simple operation, booster

Technical indicators:
1.Using the environment: laboratory
2.Build pressure range (0.08 ~ 250 MPa
3.Adjust the fineness of: 0.1 kPa
4.Working medium: transformer oil and castor oil mixture
5.Output interface: M20 x 1.5 (3)
6.Shape size: 530 mm * 430 mm * 200 mm

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