PR9145A/B high pressure hydraulic pump manually

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PR9145A/B high pressure hydraulic pump manually

New manual high-pressure hydraulic pump, this product USES 316L stainless steel components, transparent and open structure, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, not easy to leak.Medium using secondary filter to ensure that the medium in the pipeline cleaning, no problems such as jams, do not build pressure;This product pressure adjusting range is big, smooth lift pressure, energy saving.


Main application:
1.Check the pressure (differential pressure) transmitters
2.Check the pressure switch
3.Calibration precision pressure gauge, the common pressure gauge
4.Check the oil pressure meter

Technical indicators:
1.Using the environment: laboratory
2.pressure range (0 ~ 100)MPa
3.Adjust the fineness of: 0.1 kPa
4.Working medium: pure water
5.Output interface: M20 x 1.5 (3)
6.Shape size: 530 mm * 430 mm * 200 mm
7.weight:15 kg

Ordering information:
PR9145A (0 ~ 60)MPa
PR9145B (0 ~ 100)MPa
PR9149A all kinds of connectors
PR9149B high-pressure hose
PR9149C oil-water separator
PR9149E area conversion connector