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Warmly Congratulate the Academic Exchange Conference on Advances in Temperature Metrology Research and Application of Calibration and Detection Technology and Biomedical Industry and the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Commissioners Held Successfully


Chongqing, just like its spicy hot pot, not only the taste of exciting people's hearts, but also the soul of the deepest ignition. In such a city full of enthusiasm and vitality, from November 1 to 3, the Conference on Advances in Temperature Measurement Research, Calibration and Testing Technology and Application in Biomedical Industry and the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Committee was opened enthusiastically. The conference focuses on the new trends in the field of temperature metrology at home and abroad, and discusses in depth the applications and needs of temperature metrology in the medical field and biopharmaceutical industry. At the same time, the conference focuses on the current hot topics of temperature testing and calibration technology and industry applications, and launched a high-end technical exchange feast, which brought a collision of ideas and wisdom for the participants.


Scene of The Event

At the meeting, the experts brought the participants wonderful academic reports covering technical difficulties, solutions and development trends in the field of temperature metrology, including alternative mercury triple-phase points, diamond color centers for measuring nanoscale temperatures, and ocean fiber optic temperature sensors.


Wang Hongjun, director of the China Academy of Measurement Sciences report "carbon measurement capacity building discussion" explains the background form of carbon measurement, carbon measurement capacity building, etc., showing participants a new way of thinking about the development of technological innovation.

Chongqing Municipal Institute of Measurement and Quality Testing Ding Yueqing, vice president of the report "measurement standards to help medical measurement of high-quality development" in-depth discussion of the establishment and development of China's measurement standards system, in particular, proposed measurement standards to serve the high-quality development of medical measurement in Chongqing.

The report of Dr. Duan Yuning, National Union of Industrial Measurement and Testing, China Academy of Metrology, "China's Temperature Metrology: Conquering and Occupying Endless Frontiers" emphasized the key role of temperature metrology in promoting scientific research and industrial applications from the spatial point of view of metrology, discussed in depth the contribution and future development of China's temperature metrology field, and inspired the participants to be confident about the future.



A number of industry leaders and experts were invited to this meeting for technical exchanges and discussions. Mr. Zhang Jun, General Manager of the company, made a report with the theme of "Temperature Calibration Instrument and Smart Metrology", which introduced the smart metrology laboratory in detail and showed the company's current products supporting smart metrology and their advantages. General Manager Zhang pointed out that in the process of building a smart laboratory, we will experience the transition from traditional to modernized laboratories. This requires not only the development of norms and standards, but also technical support and conceptual updates. Through the construction of smart lab, we can carry out metrological calibration work more efficiently, improve data accuracy and traceability, reduce lab operation costs, and better serve our customers. The construction of smart lab is an ongoing process, in which we will continue to explore and practice new management methods and research models to actively respond to future challenges and opportunities.



In this annual meeting, we demonstrated a series of core products, including ZRJ-23 calibration system, PR331B multi-zone temperature calibration furnace, and PR750 series of high-precision temperature and humidity recorders. Participating experts showed great interest in portable products such as PR750 and PR721, and spoke highly of their excellent functional performance and outstanding portable features. They affirmed the advanced and innovative nature of the company's products and fully recognized the outstanding contribution of these products in enhancing work efficiency and data accuracy.

The meeting ended successfully in a warm atmosphere, and Huang Sijun, Director of Chemical Environment Center of Chongqing Measurement and Quality Inspection Institute, handed over the baton of wisdom and experience to Dong Liang, Director of Thermal Science Institute of Liaoning Measurement Science Research Institute. Director Dong enthusiastically introduced the unique charm and rich culture of Shenyang. We look forward to meeting again in Shenyang in the coming year to discuss the new opportunities and challenges of industry development.


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