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International Focus, Global Vision | Our Company Participated in The 39 Asia Pacific Metrology Programme General Assembly and Related Activities



November 27, 2023, The 39 Asia Pacific Metrology Programme General Assembly and Related Activities (referred to as APMP General Assembly) officially opened in Shenzhen. This APMP General Assembly, a seven-day, hosted by the China National Institute of Metrology, Shenzhen Innovation Institute of the China National Institute of Metrology, is large in scale, high in specification and wide in influence, and the scale of participants is nearly 500, including representatives of official and affiliated member institutions of APMP, representatives of the International Metre Convention Organization and related international organizations, invited international guests, and academicians in China.



This year's APMP General Assembly held a symposium on "Vision 2030+: Innovative Metrology and Science to Address Global Challenges" in the morning of December 1st. Currently, the Comité international des poids et mesures (CIPM) is developing a new international strategy for metrology development, "CIPM Strategy 2030+", which is scheduled to be released in 2025 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention. This strategy indicates the key development direction for the global metrology community following the revision of the International System of Units (SI), and is of great interest to all countries. This international symposium centers on the strategy and invites reports from internationally renowned metrology experts to share the profound insights of the world's top metrology scientists, promote exchanges and stimulate cooperation. It will also organize the Measuring Instrument Exhibition and many various forms of visits and exchanges to promote communication between APMP member countries and a wider range of stakeholders.


In the exhibition of measuring and testing instruments held in the same period, the representatives of our company carried advanced temperature and pressure measuring instruments and were honored to participate in this exhibition, taking this opportunity to show the cutting-edge achievements of our company in the field of technological innovation and measurement science and technology.

At the exhibition, the representatives not only presented the latest products and technologies to the visitors, but also took the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with their international counterparts. Our booth attracted professionals and industry elites from all over the world to share experiences and discuss innovations.


Representatives of the company and the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand), Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), National Metrology Centre (Singapore) and other international leaders in the field of metrology to carry out cordial and in-depth exchanges. Representatives not only introduced the company's products to the leaders of the National Metrology Institute, the innovation achievements in recent years, and more in-depth discussion of the needs and challenges of countries in the field of measurement.

Meanwhile, the representatives also had close communication with customers from Germany, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Canada and other countries. During the exchanges, the representatives shared the company's latest technology trends, market dynamics, leading to deeper cooperation intentions. This fruitful exchange not only broadened our influence in the field of international metrology and deepened our cooperative relationship with international customers, but also further promoted information sharing and technical cooperation, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.


This APMP Assembly is the first time to hold APMP offline assembly since the restoration of international travel, which has an important and special significance. Our participation in this exhibition not only demonstrates our innovative strength in the field of metrology science and technology, but also plays an important role in promoting international cooperation and industrial integration in the field of metrology in China and enhancing China's international influence. We will continue to show our strength on the international stage, promote cooperation and development in the field of international metrology, and contribute our share to the global metrology science and technology innovation and development!

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