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[Wonderful Review] Panran made a wonderful appearance at the 6th Metrology Expo




From May 17th to 19th, our company participated in the 6th China (Shanghai) International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo. The expo attracted management and technical personnel from national and provincial key research institutes (institutes) and third-party laboratories as well as large and medium-sized enterprise laboratories from all over the world, as well as domestic and foreign terminal measurement users for on-site observation and exchange.


The theme of this expo is "Digital Smart Metering", which aims to promote the digital and intelligent development of the metering field. This is in line with our company's high attention to customer experience and continuous breakthroughs in the direction of intelligence in recent years. The products we exhibited include the newly launched ZRJ-23 series of intelligent thermal instrument calibration systems, the PR611 series of multi-functional dry blocks calibrator, and the upcoming temperature calibrators and portable bath. These products are innovative in digitalization and intelligence. The breakthrough attracted the attention and praise of many exhibitors.


Many of the products exhibited by the company support Panran smart metering and can be connected to the cloud service platform through wired and wireless networks, thereby achieving efficient and convenient data management. Through smart large screens, Android and IOS apps, and web-side data analysis platforms, users can monitor equipment in real time and conduct data analysis anytime and anywhere. This diversified approach not only improves user convenience, but also provides users with a more flexible and diverse experience. During the display process, these innovative functions attracted great interest and recognition from domestic and foreign exhibitors.


Our technical team conducted detailed product explanations and operation demonstrations on site. Visitors expressed that our products are not only powerful but also easy to operate, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of measurement work.


This exhibition not only demonstrates our company's technical strength in the field of measurement, but also provides us with the opportunity for in-depth communication and cooperation with experts in the same industry. We believe that under the background of "measurement supports sustainable development", through continuous technological innovation and optimization, our company will play a more important role in promoting industry development and achieving sustainable goals, and at the same time, we will contribute to the realization of more intelligent and sustainable development. Contribute to sustainable development.

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