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TEMPMEKO & TEMBEIJING 2019 and MMC 2019 International Temperature Conference


From June 10 to June 14, 2019, International Temperature Conference (TEMPMEKO & TEMPBEIJING 2019 and MMC 2019), namely the 14th International Conference on Temperature and Thermal Measurement in Industrial and Scientific (TEMPMEKO 2019), the 4th (Beijing) International Temperature Conference (TEMPBEIJING 2019) and the third International Conference on Metrology in Meteorological Climate (MMC 2019), were successfully held in Chengdu. The conference was hosted by China Institute of Metrology, China Institute of Metrology and Testing, co-organized by China Institute of Testing Technology, and  supported by IMEKO TC12. There are more than 500 delegates, including more than 200 international scholars from more than 40 countries and regions. PANRAN, as one of the top sponsors of the conference, was invited to attend the conference.

The TEMPMEKO is held under the guidance of the IMEKO Temperature Working Group TC12. It is held every three years and has developed into the international academic conference with the highest level and largest scale in the field of temperature. TEMPMEKO’ 2019 is the first time that TEMPMEKO International Temperature Conference is held in Asian countries, which means an international peer's affirmation and recognition of China's status in the international temperature field.

This conference provides a platform for in-depth exchanges between domestic and foreign research peers in temperature, humidity, thermophysical properties and other related fields, and has attracted extensive attention and active participation of global temperature metrologists.

This TEMPMEKO2019 is the first international conference held after the definition and implementation of the basic unit of temperature (K Kelvin). In the plenary session of the conference, senior temperature metrology scientists from metrology institutes in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries made wonderful reports on the quantization of the definition of temperature on ITS-90 international temperature scale, the traceability system of temperature measurement value, the frontier development and industrial application of temperature and thermal measurement. During the conference, PANRAN technicians exchanged and discussed many temperature measurement/calibration technologies with international and domestic temperature measurement scientists.

Speech by Pu Changcheng, Chairman of China Metrology and Testing Society   
Speech by Dr. Davor Zvizdic, Chairman of IMEKO TC12

Speech by Andrea Merlone, Co-Chair of the International Organizing Committee
Speech by Dr. Andrew Todd, Chairman of the International Organizing Committee

Dr. Duan Yuning, Executive Chairman of the International Organizing Committee, gave a report
Fang Xiang, Chairman of the International Organizing Committee and Dean of the China Institute of Metrology, delivered a speech

At this international temperature conference, a number of temperature/pressure calibration devices were displayed. PR293 series nanovolt microhm thermometer, PR203 series temperature and humidity acquisitor, PR310A thermocouple calibration furnace, PR610 series dry-well furnace, PR9120Y automatic hydraulic generator and other latest products, attracted many domestic and foreign participants s concern.

Under the strong support and guidance of China Institute of Metrology, China Metrology and Testing Institute and China Testing Technology Research Institute, PANRAN, as a top sponsor and a volunteer of the conference group, had the honor to participate in the wonderful feast gathering international elites, and was recognized by many experts attending the conference.

IMEKO TC12 Chairman Davor Zvizdic presented the award to PANRAN

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Thanks to the conference for providing us with a platform with an international perspective. Thanks for the sharing and communication by the temperature experts.

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