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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the technical discussion and group standard writing meeting



From December 3rd to 5th, 2020, sponsored by the Institute of Thermal Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Metrology and co-organized by Pan Ran Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd., a technical seminar on the topic of "Research and Development of High-precision Standard Digital Thermometers" and a group of "Precision Digital Thermometer Performance Evaluation Methods" The standard compilation meeting came to a successful conclusion at the foot of Mount Tai, the head of the Five Mountains!


Participants in this meeting are mainly related experts and professors from various metrology institutes and China Jiliang University. Mr. Zhang Jun, the general manager of our company, was invited to preside over this meeting. Mr. Zhang welcomes the arrival of all the experts and thank you teachers for your support and help to Pan Ran over the years. It has been 4 years since the first launch meeting of digital thermometers. During this period, digital thermometers have developed rapidly and become more stable. The higher the appearance, the lighter and more concise appearance, which is inseparable from the rapid technological development and the efforts of all scientific researchers. Thank you for your contributions and announce the start of the conference


During the meeting, Mr.Jin Zhijun, an associate researcher of the Institute of Thermal Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, summarized the "R&D phase of the high-precision standard digital thermometer" and introduced the main research content of the high-precision standard digital thermometer. The design, indication error, and stability of electrical measurement equipment are explained, and the significance and influence of a stable heat source on the results are pointed out.


Mr. Xu Zhenzhen, director of PANRAN company’s R&D department, shared the theme of "Design and Analysis of Precision Digital Thermometers". Director Xu gave an overview of precision digital thermometers, the structure and principles of integrated digital thermometers, uncertainty analysis, and performance during production. Five parts of evaluation and several key issues were shared, and the design and analysis of digital thermometers were demonstrated in detail.


Mr. Jin Zhijun, an associate researcher of the Thermal Engineering Institute of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, gave a report on the "2016-2018 Precision Digital Thermometer Test Summary", showing the results of the three years. Qiu Ping, an associate researcher of the Thermal Engineering Institute of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, shared the "Discussion on Related Issues of Standard Digital Thermometers".

At the meeting, the development and application of precision digital thermometers, precision digital thermometer evaluation methods (group standards), precision digital thermometer test methods and test plans were also exchanged and discussed. This exchange and discussion is important for the implementation of the National Key Research and Development Program (NQI). In the “Research and Development of a New Generation of High-precision Thermometer Standards” project, the progress of the “Research and Development of High-precision Standard Digital Thermometers”, the compilation of the group standards of the “Performance Evaluation Methods of Precision Digital Thermometers”, and the feasibility of replacing standard mercury thermometers with precision digital thermometers have been very good Big push.



During the meeting, experts such as Mr.Wang Hongjun, director of the Thermal Engineering Institute of China Metrology Institute, accompanied by our company’s general manager Mr.Zhang Jun, visited the company’s exhibition hall, production workshop, and laboratory, and learned about our company’s scientific research and production capacity, company development, etc. Experts have affirmed our company. Director Wang pointed out that he hopes that the company can rely on its own advantages to continuously improve the level of scientific research and production, and make greater contributions to the national metrology industry.


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