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Honor released丨Panrans 2022 Annual Outstanding Employee


"Greatness comes from the ordinary, and the ordinary makes greatness" - they are ordinary members of the Panran team. They are pragmatic, enterprising, positive, and innovative. They create unique value in their positions. They, with practical Actions fulfill the original mission and fully demonstrate the company's cultural spirit. They are Panran's "2022 Best Employee", "Sales Quarterly Champion" and so on. Each of them has a shining time, and that shining time is called "down-to-earth", they precipitated in "down-to-earth", sublimated in "down-to-earth", concentrated their hearts and strengths, and forged ahead!


Best Staff, Sales Quarter Champion--Maxine Liao

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Best Contributing Employee, Sales Quarterly Champion--Yang Bingzhi-- Olivia Yang

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Reasonable Advice Employees--Shirley Wu

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Employee with the Most Potential for Growth--Lydia Liao

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Employee with the Most Potential for Growth--Hua Yu Zuo

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A little progress each day adds up to big results, accumulating laziness leads to abyss, whether it is professional accumulation or small steps of dreams, only by working hard and striving hard can we truly achieve our goals in life! Every employee of the Panran team, every achievement obtained, comes from their own hard work and struggle. It is the growth of life. Every bit of hard work will help every ordinary person realize their extraordinary dreams and goals, so that we can have the opportunity to show ourselves and shine on a bigger stage! In 2023, let us set out together with dreams and love in mind to achieve greater success! 

Go for it Panraners!

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