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PR540 Ice point thermostic bath

The PR540 has a work area with a depth of 200mm and 8mm diameter dry wells(7pcs).This gives you an optimal calibration several probes at once.Think how many thermocouple cold junctions you could put in this bath!

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The PR540 uses a reinforced semiconductor cooling technology with a peak cooling rate of up to 6℃ / minute. It can stabilize to 0℃ at the room temperature in only 10 minutes. 

It provides a stable and accurate temperature environment for the thermocouple reference junction for a long time. 

It is an ideal replacement for traditional ice point devices and is ideal for thermocouples or related calibration/calibration processes.

Basic parameters

Display resolution±0.001°CWorking environment10~35 °C  10~70%RH
Accuracy0 °C±0.03 °CWell Dimensionswells 8 mm dia. x 200mm depth
Cooling TimeApprox. 20 minutesWeight8.5kg
Temperature0.02°C/10minMaximum cooling rate6°C/min

Size320x 120x 370mmNIST-Traceable CalibrationData at 0 °C
Maximum well difference0.01°CPower300W


Since the unit is completely self-contained and doesn’t require any user settings, you can run it on demand for instant access to an accurate, traceable zero point. Set it up with the reference junction of a thermocouple for high-accuracy thermocouple measurements.

Less costly than refrigerated baths, more accurate and less problematic than ice baths, and more durable and better looking than competitive units using sealed-water cells, the PR540 Ice point thermostic bath is a great choice for any calibration lab! PR540 Ice point thermostic bath are neither expensive nor complicated to use.

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