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PR540 Ice point thermostic bath

The PR540 has a work area with a depth of 200mm and 8mm diameter dry wells(7pcs).This gives you an optimal calibration several probes at once.Think how many thermocouple cold junctions you could put in this bath!

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The PR540 series Zero-Point Dry-Well is an excellent constant temperature device with a fixed temperature point. It can provide a stable and accurate reference terminal constant temperature field environment for a long time during the calibration and verification process of precious metals or base metals. It is an ideal replacement for traditional ice point devices and an optimal device for thermocouple verification and calibration.



I. Feature

Excellent temperature stability

It can provide a constant environment of 0 °C for a long time and is not affected by changes in the external environment.

Rapid cooling speed

The peak cooling rate up to 6℃ / minute, It only takes 15 minutes at room temperature to stabilize to the 0°C point that meets the calibration requirements.

The jacks are insulated

The inner wall and bottom of the jack of the B-type product have an insulating layer with a thickness of 0.5mm, and the metal wire can be directly inserted into the jack without additional insulation measures.

The constant temperature correction value can be adjusted manually

The constant temperature correction value can be manually adjusted by the mechanical button.

II. Technical Parameters



Since the unit is completely self-contained and doesn’t require any user settings, you can run it on demand for instant access to an accurate, traceable zero point. Set it up with the reference junction of a thermocouple for high-accuracy thermocouple measurements.

Less costly than refrigerated baths, more accurate and less problematic than ice baths, and more durable and better looking than competitive units using sealed-water cells, the PR540 Ice point thermostic bath is a great choice for any calibration lab! PR540 Ice point thermostic bath are neither expensive nor complicated to use.

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