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Portable Temperature and Humidity Calibrator


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PR231 Precision Multifunction Calibrator

The PR231 series products have excellent performance indicators, numerous practical functions and powerful human-computer interaction capabilities. The product covers two accuracy levels of 0.01 and 0.02. The measurement and output circuits are completely isolated. In addition to the common functions of the common two-channel calibrator, it also has the functions of p-value measurement and standard temperature measurement.

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The PR231 series products have excellent performance indicators, numerous practical functions and powerful human-interface . The series includes two  levels of accuracy, 0.01% and 0.02%. The measure and source are completely isolated, in addition to the general functions of a two-channel calibrator, it also has the measurement function of ρ value and standard temperature. The enhanced type also features a temperature difference test and a precision temperature control function. It is compact in design, portable, and suitable for on-site and laboratory applications, making it the first choice for temperature calibration.

Products Features

1.Temperature difference measurement with accuracy of 0.003 ° C
PR231A calibrator measures the temperature difference between two points in space without other instruments. When the function is used, the four terminals of the source function be used as measurement terminals and the process of the temperature difference data acqusition can be completed within 0.4 Seconds, which effectively improves the accuracy of the measurement. The stability can also be calculated in real time during the test

2.Standard temperature measurement

Different from ordinary TC and RTD measurement, the standard temperature measurement may use the certificate value for temperature traceability. The input signals include:STC - > S type, R type, B type, T type.SPRT-> Rtp = 25Ω or Rtp=100Ω.

3.Reference Junction Compensation

The reference junction compensation methods of the PR231 series calibrator are very flexible and three methods are available, namely internal, external, and customized. The external reference junction adopts Grade A Pt100, and can input the certificate value for the reference junction data correction. When PR231 series calibrator is combined with PR1501 temperature equalization compensation module, a reference junction  compensation error of less than 0.07°C can be obtained.

4.Precision temperature control function 

Using the precision temperature control function, temperature closed-loop control of the constant temperature equipment can be realized instead of the high-precision PID controller. In the case that the constant temperature equipment and grid voltage are satisfactory to the conditions, the temperature fluctuation of the equipment can be better than 0.02°C /10min

(thermostatic bath).

5.ρvalue measurement

The PR231 series calibrator can measure the duty factor of the periodic square signal and can be used to verify and calibrate the PID parameters of various digital temperature indicating regulators for time proportional output, and meet the requirements of JJG 617-1996 Verification Regulation of Digital Temperature Indicators and Controllers.

6.Thermal calculator

It is used to achieve various conversions between electric and temperature. The conversion support a variety of TCs, RTDs and thermistors.

7.Value Settings

The PR231 series calibrator has the most flexible and convenient output value setting method. It is possible to directly set the output value through the numeric keypad, or to increase the increment setting by pressing the direction key. In addition, the device has an editable phase step or slope value setting method. 

8.Sinusoidal signal output function

The verification/calibration of some process loggers, especially mechanical recorders, usually involves the operation test. In this case, the user can use the device's sinusoidal signal output function to provide signals for the verified instrument.

The verification/calibration of some process recorders (especially mechanical recorders) usually involves the operation of the test. At this time, the device's sinusoidal signal output function can be used to signal the meter.

9.Data logging function

The logging function saves measurement and output data. PR231 series calibrator has powerful record management functions. Up to 32 device numbers can be created. Each device number has 16 logging pages. Each logging page contains four kinds of basic information, namely time, measured value, output value and custom value. Basic information. Users can perform device processing, record deletion, etc. according to their needs.

Model selection table

Enhancement model

Basic model

0.01 grade

0.02 grade

Basic Parameters

Weight :990gcharging source :100~240V AC,50~60Hz
Dimension :225mm*130mm*53mmWorking temperature :-10℃~50℃
Cell type :7.4V 4400mAh, Rechargeable lithium batteryWorking time :≥20 hours(24V power off)
Preheating time :10 minutes after preheatingHumidity :0~80%,Non condensing
Charging time :5 hoursCalibration period :2 years

Performance Index 

1.Basic parameters of measurement:

FunctionRangeMeasurement rangeResolution0.01 accuracy0.02 accuracyRemarks
Voltage100mV-5mV~120mV0.1uV0.005%RD+5uV0.015%RD+Input impedance
10V-0.5V~12V10uV0.005%FS0.005%FSInput impedance

Current50mA-5mA~50 mA0.1uA0.005%RD+0.005%FS0.015%RD+Internal resistance =10Ω
Ohm50Ω0Ω~50Ω0.1mΩ0.005%RD+5mΩ0.015%RD+Output 1mA current
5kΩ0kΩ~5kΩ10mΩ0.005%FSOutput 0.1mA current
Thermal coupleS、R、B、K、N、J、E、T、EA2、Wre3-25、Wre5-260.1℃/According to ITS-90 scale
Cold end compensationInternal-10℃~60℃0.01℃0.5℃0.5℃
Thermal Pt10、Pt100、 Pt200、Cu50、Cu100、BA1、BA2、JPt100、 Pt500、 Pt10000.01℃/
Standard temperatureS、R、B、T、SPt25、SPt1000.01℃/Need to enter the correction value
ρ-value50S0.001%~99.999%0.00%0.01%0.01%Input pulse width amplitude range:1V~50V
1.2 kHz
120 kHz
Temperature differenceS、R、B、K、N、J、E、T0.01℃/Need to enter the correction value

2.Basic parameters of the output function:

Resolution0.01 accuracy0.02 accuracyRemarks
Voltage100mV-20mV~120mV1uV0.005%RD+5uV0.015%RD+5uVMaximum load current =2.5mA
Current30mA-5mA~30 mA1uA0.005%RD+0.005%FS0.015%RD+0.005%FSMaximum load voltage =24V
Ohm50Ω0Ω~50Ω0.1mΩ/According to ITS-90 scale
Thermal coupleS、R、B、K、N、J、E、T、EA2、Wre3-25、Wre5-260.1℃/
ThermalPt10、Pt100、 Pt200、Cu50、Cu100、BA1、BA2、JPt100、 Pt500、 Pt10000.01℃/
Frequency10Hz0.001Hz~0.001Hz0.01%FS0.01%FSMaximum load current =2.5mA
/ Pulse12 Hz


1.2 kHz0.01Hz

100kHz0.01kHz~120 kHz10Hz0.1%FS0.1%FS
Precision temperature controlS、R、B、K、N、J、E、T0.01℃/
24V outputMaximum voltage error: 0.3V   Ripple noise:35mVp-p(20MHz bandwidth)
Maximum load current:70mA  Load regulation: 0.5%(10% -100% load change)


1. Measuring function terminal area (withstand 100V DC voltage input error)

2. Output function terminal area(withstand 36V DC voltage input error)

3. Dust cover

4. Side band(length adjustable )

5. Holder

6. External Pt100 Reference point sensor interface

7. USB2.0 communication interface

8. Multi-function port (With RS232 communication, USB communication, isolated 24V voltage output, precision temperature control signal output, pressure calibration, and other functions)

9. Reset                                         

10. Supply hub(Connect the external AC power adapter)

11. Equipment nameplate                          

12. Battery13.Protective tube                                

14.Screen contrast adjusting knob

15.Battery port

a.Adjust length here

b.Unfold jacket toward this direction

c.  Holder unfold direction

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