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ZRJ-03 series intelligent thermal instrument calibration system

OverviewZRJ-03 series intelligent thermal instrument calibration system is composed of computer, high-precision digital multimeter, low potential scanner/controller, thermostatic equipment, etc., used...

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ZRJ-03 series intelligent thermal instrument calibration system is composed of computer, high-precision digital multimeter, low potential scanner/controller, thermostatic equipment, etc., used for automatic calibration of first-class and second-class standard thermocouples and also used for verification/calibration of various working thermocouples, industrial resistance thermometers, temperature transmitters, expansion thermometers. And calibration systems can automatically output temperature adjustment, channel control, data acquisition and processing, reports and certificates in accordance with regulations / specifications. Based on powerful software and hardware platforms, ZRJ series can be configured into different intelligent temperature metering standard devices and their combinations according to varying requirements.

Considering that ZRJ series products are characteristic of an integration of software, hardware, engineering and services, complex influencing factors on measurement results, long-term customer service needs, a wide geographical distribution, and other features, the company implements scientific concepts, principles and methods such as innovation, standardization, uncertainty minimization and continuous improvement into the process of product development, production and service. Having been tested by the market for more than two decades, this series of products have long maintained a domestic leading position in terms of hardware and software level, product quality, after-sales services, market volume, etc., and have been widely praised by customers. The products have been playing an important role for a long time in many fields including high-temperature measurement of aerospace materials.


1.Software / hardware protection function

ZRJ series products have realized the comprehensive protection functions to the system through comprehensive hardware and software design. The power-off protection function can prevent data loss caused by power failure or other reasons during the calibration process. When restarting the calibration program, continued calibration can be selected without having to start from the beginning. In addition, the system software functions also include many humanized preventive and protective measures such as thermocouple open circuit and reverse connection prompt.

2.Minimized uncertainty    
Minimizing the uncertainty of the test devices at reasonable cost and improving the credibility of the measurement results is an eternal pursuit of PANRAN. For this reason, our company is committed to analysis and research on the main factors that form the uncertainty, and taking effective measures to reduce them to a minimum, so that a number of measurement indicators are superior to national regulations, and meet to the relevant requirements of AMS2750E "Aerospace Materials Specifications - High Temperature Measurement".

3.Low potential scanning switch

Through the special made low-temperature potential switch, terminal, lead and strict assembly according to the process specifications, the overall parasitic potential of the low-potential scanning switch is not more than 0.2μV, ensuring a good consistency, long-term stability and reliability among the channels. The shunned reversing switch can eliminate the effects of stray parasitic potential on the measured results during resistance thermometer measurement.

4.Professional supporting temperature source and high-constant temperature adjustment scheme

The temperature uniformity and temperature stability of the temperature source in the thermocouple calibration is the largest source of uncertainty in the thermocouple calibration assembly except the main standard, and extreme emphasis shall be placed on it. Through the use of self-developed series of temperature sources, including series of thermocouples calibration furnaces with a temperature uniformity width of 60mm~100mm or even wider, and their supporting equal temperature blocks, heat pipe bath, zero-point dry-well, etc., the measurement uncertainty component introduced by the temperature uniformity is minimized.

Different from other similar products, ZRJ series products can use standard sensor for temperature control, using the system's own high-precision digital meter and the standard thermocouple with certificate value correction and traceability, and through the professional optimization of the thermostat software algorithm by the computer, fine thermostat adjustment of the thermocouple calibration furnace is performed to minimize, linearize and visualize furnace temperature stability.

5.Integrated terminal block

With three-wire resistance converter, it is compatible with the wiring of all thermocouples and various wire-type resistance thermometers, which completely solves the cumbersome wiring problems in the calibration work. The dedicated integrated terminal block converts the resistance thermometers measured with two-wire, three-wire or four-wire from the wiring terminal to the four-wire wiring method. The length of the external lead of the assembly, the resistance size, the temperature environment changes, etc. have no influences on the measurement of the measured resistance, greatly reducing the uncertainty of the resistance measurement, and significantly improving the measurement repeatability. With professional wire conversion design scheme, it fully meets the requirements of the 2010 national calibration regulations, and automatically realizes two measurements of the three-wire resistance thermometer (including two inner leads and one inner lead) and the current commutation function required by the regulations, which can reduce measurement error to a minimum.

6.Software platform with excellent functions

The software features of the ZRJ series calibration systems have unparalleled comprehensive advantages. It is not only a tool software that can verify or calibrate according to existing specifications, but also a software platform composed of a number of powerful thermos-metering professional software. Its professionalism, ease of use, and operability can represent the current highest standards in the industry, and provide a significant convenience to the routine verification and calibration of customers.

7.Database management function

The ZRJ series has a professional internal database that enables automatic data storage. After the calibration is completed, the system automatically stores the information calibrated, certificate data, and standard information, and the calibration process information is also stored in the database as an OLE object to form calibration records. The query function in the database allows searching qualified records by single or combined conditions, views or prints their calibration records or certificates. Its statistical function can sort out the required records by one or combined conditions, view and print statistical reports or detailed reports. If the automatically generated calibration record file is lost, the file can be restored by the recovery function of the database.

8. Auxiliary testing function
"JJF 1098-2003 Calibration Specification for Auto-measuring System of Thermocouples and Resistance Thermometers" are followed for automatic repeatability test, comparison test, temperature uniformity automatic test of the thermocouple calibration furnaces and baths.

9.  Professional data analysis function

Based on a powerful software platform, the ZRJ system can perform statistics on the data in the calibration process, analyze and provide data analysis reports, including temperature deviations and stability level, invisible faults of thermoelectric equipment power supply lines, electromagnetic interference, dynamic/static adaptation of temperature adjustment parameters, measurement repeatability, parasitic potential of device, parasitic potential of measured resistance thermometer, expansion uncertainty of measurement results, and so on. Data analysis results can help the user to grasp the overall situation of the device operation in a timely manner, and to make necessary adjustment so that the system stays in a controlled state for a long time.

10.  Automatic uncertainty assessment analysis function

According to "JJF1059.1-2012 Evaluation and Expression of Ancertainty in Measurement" and the verified/calibrated regulations/specifications, the verification/calibration software of working thermocouple and industrial resistance thermometer can evaluate the uncertainty of the verification/calibration process and output the standard uncertainty component summary table and the actual measured expansion uncertainty data of this verification/calibration result.


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