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Temperature Calibration System


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ZRJ-06 Thermocouple and Thermal Resistance Automatic Verification System

OverviewZRJ-06 intelligent thermal instrument calibration system is an automatic test and control system composed of computer, printer, high-precision digital multimeter, PR111 low potential scanner

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ZRJ-06 intelligent thermal instrument calibration system is an automatic test and control system composed of computer, printer, high-precision digital multimeter, PR111 low potential scanner (thermocouple scanning unit), PR112 low potential scanner ( resistance thermometer scanning unit), integrated terminal block, temperature control unit, RS485/RS232 connection, thermostatic equipment and other components. It is a new intelligent measurement standard device integrating computer technology, micro-electric measurement technology and automatic test technology. And the system can realize simultaneous verification/calibration of working thermocouple and industrial resistance thermometer.


1. Software / hardware protection functions

ZRJ series products have realized the comprehensive protection functions to the system through comprehensive hardware and software design.And the system software functions also include thermocouple open circuit, transposition prompt and other humane prevention and protection measures.

2. Minimized uncertainty 
Our company is committed to analysis and research on the main factors that form the uncertainty, and takes effective measures to reduce them to a minimum,

3. Low potential scanning switch

Through the special made low-temperature potential switch, terminal, lead and strict assembly according to the process specifications, the overall parasitic potential of the low-potential scanning switch is not more than 0.2μV, ensuring a good consistency, long-term stability and reliability among the channels.

4. Temperature control unit

The temperature control unit uses an intelligent PID regulator imported from Japan with RS485 communication function as the temperature controller. The advanced expert PID algorithm effectively prevents overshoot and undershoot in the temperature control process, and achieves a natural and stable temperature transition, which can reduce unnecessary waiting time and obtain an ideal constant temperature index.

Support upper computer remote self-setting of the PID specifications, so that customers can easily complete the auto-tuning of thermostatic specifications, and can modify the PID specifications of the updated instrument in the upper computer to ensure the optimal thermostatic control effect of the system.

SSR is used as the power output unit, high-precision AC zero-crossing trigger, no high-order harmonic interference. The relative resolution of the power output is better than 1/1000.

5. Integrated terminal block
With three-wire resistance converter,it is compatible with the wiring of all thermocouples and various wire-type resistance thermometers, which completely solves the cumbersome wiring problems in the calibration work. With professional wire conversion design scheme, it can automatically realize two measurements of the three-wire resistance thermometer (including two inner leads and one inner lead) and the current commutation function required by the regulations, which can reduce measurement error to a minimum.

6. Software platform with excellent functions

The software features of the ZRJ series calibration systems have unparalleled comprehensive advantages. It is not only a tool software that can verify or calibrate according to existing specifications, but also a software platform composed of a number of powerful thermos-metering professional software. Its professionalism, ease of use, and operability can represent the current highest standards in the industry, and provide a significant convenience to the routine verification and calibration of customers.

7. Data revision and traceability

The verification regulation and data revision rules are strictly followed in data processing to ensure traceability of verification/calibration results.8.  Software features:

8. Fast backup and recovery function

This function enables fast backup and recovery of the software settings and parameters of the entire set of calibration system.

9. Auxiliary testing functions

"JJF 1098-2003 Calibration Specification for Auto-measuring System of Thermocouples and Resistance Thermometers" are followed for automatic repeatability test, comparison test, temperature uniformity automatic test of the thermocouple calibration furnace and thermostatic bath. 

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