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High-pressure connection hose

High-pressure connection hose are an important power-mechanical transmission product,support high levels of water or air pressure.

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High-pressure connection hose are an important power-mechanical transmission product that can support high levels of water or air pressure, and are made of stronger materials (rubber and steel wire) than low-pressure hoses.

What are the application areas of High-pressure connection hose?

The High-pressure connection hose is mainly used as the soft connection of the pipeline. The specific uses are as follows:

1. The High-pressure connection hose is used to transport high-temperature gas, hot oil and other high-temperature media;

2. The High-pressure connection hose conveys low temperature or ultra-low temperature medium;

3. High-pressure connection hose transport corrosive media such as chemical media or organic solvents;

4. High-pressure connection hose transports water, gasoline and other media in a high temperature environment;

In short, the high-pressure connecting hose is suitable for industrial equipment such as steam, gas, heavy oil, petroleum, chemical medicine and so on.

What are the characteristics of the high pressure connection hose?

1. High flexibility;

2. High pressure resistance

3. Strong resistance to high and low temperature;

4. Strong corrosion resistance;

5. Durable and long service life.


When the high-voltage instrument is remotely calibrated, it is used for pressure remote transmission.

Pressure resistance range

(0~72)MPa optional

Outer diameter




Connector standard

one end is M20×1.5 male connector, the other end is M20×1.5 female thread quick connection

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