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PR331 Short Multi-zone Temperature Calibration Furnace

Keywords:  Short type, thin film thermocouples calibration  Are heated at three-zones  The position of uniform temperature field is adjustableⅠ.Overview PR331 short-type tem...

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Short type, thin film thermocouples calibration 

Are heated at three-zones 

The position of uniform temperature field is adjustable


PR331 short-type temperature calibration furnace is specially used to calibrate short-type, thin-film thermocouples. It has the function of adjusting the position of the uniform temperature field. The uniform temperature field position can be selected according to the length of the calibrated sensor. 

Using innovative technologies such as multi-zone coupling control, DC heating, active heat dissipation, etc., it has excellent temperature field uniformity and temperature fluctuation covering the full temperature range, greatly reducing the uncertainty in the traceability process of short thermocouples.


1. The position of uniform temperature field is adjustable 

Using three-temperature zone heating technology, it is convenient to adjust the uniform temperature field position. In order to better match thermocouples of different lengths, the program presets the front, middle and rear options to correspond to the uniform temperature field at three different positions.

2. The full range temperature stability is better than 0.15/10min 

Integrated with Panran's new-generation PR2601 main controller, with 0.01% electrical measurement accuracy, and according to the control requirements of the calibration furnace, it has made targeted optimizations in measurement speed, reading noise, control logic, etc., and its full-range temperature stability better than 0.15/10min. 

3. Full DC drive with active heat dissipation 

The internal power components are driven by full DC, which avoids the disturbance and other high voltage safety hazards caused by leakage at high temperature from the source. At the same time, the controller will automatically adjust the ventilation volume of the outer wall of the insulation layer according to the current working conditions, so that the temperature in the furnace cavity can reach the equilibrium state as soon as possible. 

4. Various types of thermocouples are available for temperature control 

The size and shape type of short thermocouples are quite different. In order to adapt to different thermocouples to be calibrated more flexibly, a thermocouple socket with integrated reference terminal compensation is designed, which can be quickly connected to temperature-controlled thermocouples of various index numbers. 

5. Powerful software and hardware function 

The touch screen can display general measurement and control parameters, and can perform operations such as timing switch, temperature stability setting, and WIFI settings.


1. Product Model and Specifications





Position of uniform temperature field is adjustable

Optional deviation geometric center of the chamber of the furnace ±50 mm

Temperature range



Dimension of the chamber of the furnace



Temperature control accuracy

 0.5℃,when ≤500℃

0.1%RD,when 500℃

Temperature at the center of the temperature field

60mm axial temperature uniformity



Geometric center of the chamber of the furnace ±30mm

60 mm axial

temperature gradient


Geometric center of the chamber of the furnace ±30mm

The radial temperature uniformity


Geometric center of the chamber of the furnace

Temperature stability



2. General Specifications


370×250×500mm (L*W*H)





Power supply condition


Working environment

-535℃080%RH, non-condensing

Storage environment

-2070℃080%RH, non-condensing

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