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ZRJ-23 Series Intelligent Thermal Instrument Verification System

ZRJ series intelligent thermal instrument verification system integrates software, hardware, engineering and service. After more than 30 years of market tests, it has long been at the forefront of the...

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ZRJ series intelligent thermal instrument verification system integrates software, hardware, engineering and service. After more than 30 years of market tests, it has long been at the forefront of the industry in terms of software and hardware level, product quality, after-sales service, and market ownership, and has been widely accepted by customers. It has played an important role in the field of temperature measurement for a long time.

The new-generation ZRJ-23 series intelligent thermal instrument verification system is the latest member of the ZRJ series products, which greatly simplifies the composition of the traditional thermocouple and thermal resistance verification systems. The PR160 reference standard scanner with excellent electrical performance is used as the the core, which can be expanded up to 80 sub-channels, can be flexibly combined with various temperature sources to meet the verification/calibration requirements of various thermocouples, thermal resistances and temperature transmitters. It is not only suitable for new laboratories, but also very suitable for traditional temperature laboratory upgrading their equipment.


  • A new generation of thermocouple, thermal resistance verification system

  • Enhanced Standard Temperature Control

  • Composite switch structure

  • Accuracy better than 40ppm


Typical Application

  • Uses of Homopolars & Bipolars Comparison Method to Calibrate Thermocouples

  • Verification/Calibration of Base Metal Thermocouples

  • Verification/Calibration of Platinum Resistance of Various Grades

  • Calibrating the Integral Temperature Transmitter

  • Calibrating HART Type Temperature Transmitters

  • Mixed Temperature Sensor Verification/Calibration

Mixed Verification/Calibration of Thermocouple & RTD


Dual Furnace Thermocouple Verification/Calibration

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Group Furnace Thermocouple Verification/Calibration

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I- Brand new hardware design

The new-generation ZRJ-23 system is the crystallization of years of technical development. Compared with the traditional thermocouple/thermal resistance verification system, its scanner structure, bus topology, electrical measurement standard and other key components are all newly designed, rich in functions, novel in structure, and highly expandable.

1、Hardware technical features

Compact Structure

The core control unit integrates a scanner, a thermometer, and a terminal block. It has its own thermometer thermostat, so there is no need to set up a constant temperature room for the electrical standard. Compared with the traditional couple resistance verification system, it has fewer leads, a clearer structure, and less energy. space.


▲ Core Control Unit

Composite Scan Switch

The composite scan switch has the advantages of high performance and multi-function. The main scan switch is a mechanical switch made of tellurium copper with silver coating, which has extremely low contact potential and contact resistance, the function switch adopts low-potential relay, which can be independently configured with up to 10 switch combinations for various calibration needs. (Invention Patent: ZL 2016 1 0001918.7)


▲ Composite Scan Switch

Enhanced Standard Temperature Control

  1. The scanner integrates a dual-channel temperature control unit with voltage compensation function. It can use the temperature value of the standard and the tested channel to perform hybrid constant temperature control through the decoupling algorithm. Compared with the traditional temperature control method, it can greatly improve the temperature control accuracy and effectively shorten the waiting time for thermal equilibrium at constant temperature.

  2. Supports Homopolars Comparison Method to Calibrate Thermocouples

  3. Through the logical cooperation of PR160 series scanner and PR293A thermometer, 12 or 16 channel noble metal thermocouple calibration can be performed using the homopolars comparison method.

Professional and Flexible CJ Options

Optional freezing point compensation, external CJ, Mini thermocouple plug or smart CJ. The smart CJ has a built-in temperature sensor with correction value. It is made of tellurium copper and can be split into two independent clamps. The unique design of the clip can easily bite together conventional wires and nuts, so that the processing process of the CJ reference terminal is no longer cumbersome. (Invention patent: ZL 2015 1 0534149.2)


▲ Optional Smart CJ Reference

On-resistance Symmetrical Characteristics

Can connect multiple three-wire secondary instruments for batch calibration without additional wire conversion.

Professional Transmitter Calibration Mode.

Built-in 24V output, supports batch calibration of voltage-type or current-type integrated temperature transmitters. For the unique design of the current type transmitter, the patrol inspection of the current signal can be carried out without cutting off the current loop.

Press-Type Multifunctional Tellurium Copper Terminal.

Using tellurium copper gold plating process, it has excellent electrical connection performance and provides a variety of wire connection methods.

Rich Temperature Measurement Functions.

The electrical measuring standard adopts PR291 and PR293 series thermometers, which have rich temperature measurement functions, 40ppm electrical measurement accuracy, and 2 or 5 measurement channels.

Thermometer Thermostat with constant temperature heating and cooling capability.

In order to meet the requirements of various regulations and specifications for the ambient temperature of the electrical measuring standard, the thermometer thermostat is integrated, which has constant temperature heating and cooling capabilities, and can provide a stable temperature of 23 ℃ for the thermometer in the external environment of -10~30 ℃. room temperature environment.


2、 Scanner function


3、Channel function


II - Excellent Software Platform

The relevant supporting software of ZRJ series products has obvious comprehensive advantages. It is not only a tool software that can be used for verification or calibration according to the current regulations, but a software platform composed of multiple  powerful expertise temperature measurement software. Its professionalism, ease of use, and operability have been recognized by many customers in the industry, which can provide a great convenience for customers' daily verification/calibration work.

1、Software Technical Features

Professional Uncertainty Analysis Function

The evaluation software can automatically calculate the uncertainty values, degrees of freedom and expanded uncertainty of each standard, and generate a summary table of uncertainty components and an uncertainty evaluation and analysis report. After the verification is completed, the actual expanded uncertainty of the verification result can be automatically calculated, and a summary table of the uncertainty components of each verification point can be automatically drawn.

New Constant Temperature Assessment Algorithm.

The new algorithm takes the uncertainty analysis as a reference,  according to the repeatability ratio of the calibrated thermocouple’s reasonable measurement data, the repeatability standard deviation that the calculation system should achieve is used as the basis for judging the timing of data collection, which is very suitable for the case of thick thermocouples or multiple calibrated thermocouples.

Comprehensive Data Analysis Capabilities.

During the verification or calibration process, the system will automatically perform statistics and analysis on real-time data and provide contents including temperature deviation, measurement repeatability, fluctuation level, external interference, and adaptability of adjustment parameters.

Professional and Rich Report Output Function.

The software can automatically generate verification records in Chinese and English, support digital signatures, and can provide users with certificates in various formats such as verification, calibration, and customization.

Smart Metrology APP.

The Panran Smart Metrology APP can remotely operate or view the current task, upload the operating data to the cloud server in real time, and use smart cameras to monitor the scene visually. In addition, the APP also integrates a wealth of tool software, which is convenient for users to perform operations such as temperature conversion and regulation specification query.

Mixed Verification Function.

Based on multi-channel nanovolt and microhm thermometer and scanning switch unit, the software can realize multi-furnace thermocouple group control and mixed verification/calibration tasks of thermocouple and thermal resistance.

▲ Thermocouple Verification Software for Work


▲ Professional Report, Certificate Output

2、VerificationCalibration Function List


3、Other Software Functions


III - Technical Parameters

1、Metrology Parameters




Scan switch parasitic potential


Inter-channel data acquisition difference

≤0.5μV  0.5mΩ

Measurement repeatability

≤1.0μV  1.0mΩ

Using the PR293 Series Thermometer

2、Scanner General Parameters

           Models Items




Numbers of channels



Standard temperature control circuit

2 sets

1 set








Display screen

7.0-inch industrial touch screen

 resolution 800×480 pixels

Working Environment

Operating temperature range: (-10~50)℃, non-condensing

Power Supply




3、Standard Temperature Control Parameters




Supported sensor types







Type N thermocouple, excluding sensor and reference compensation error



10min maximum difference, the controlled object is PR320 or PR325

IV - Typical Configuration

ZRJ-23 series intelligent thermal instrument verification system has excellent equipment compatibility and expansibility, and can support various types of electrical measuring instruments for RS232, GPIB, RS485, and CAN bus communication by adding drivers.

Core Configuration









Number of be-calibrated Channels







PR160A Scanner






PR160B Scanner


PR293A Thermometer

PR293B Thermometer

Standard temperature control function support

Maximum number of calibration furnaces







Manual lift table





Electric lift table


PR542 Thermometer thermostat

Professional software

Note 1: When using dual-channel standard temperature control, the number of be-calibrated channels of each group of scanners should be subtracted by 1 channel, and this channel will be used for the standard temperature control function.

Note 2: The maximum number of supported calibration furnaces refers to the number of calibration furnaces that can be independently operated when standard temperature control is used. The calibration furnaces with their own temperature control are not subject to this restriction.

Note 3: When using homopolars comparison method to verify the standard thermocouple, the PR293A thermometer must be selected.

Note 4: The above configuration is the recommended configuration and can be adjusted according to the actual usage.

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