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Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of the national temperature measurement technical specification publicity meeting


From March 30th to 31st, the National Temperature Measurement Technical Specification Publicity Conference, sponsored by the National Thermometry Technical Committee, co-organized by Tianjin Metrology Supervision and Testing Research Institute and Tianjin Metrology and Testing Society, was successfully held in Tianjin. PANRAN participated in the meeting as scheduled , learn and communicate with experts and scholars from all over the world.


The main content of this publicity meeting is four specifications, namely JJF 1991-2022 "Calibration Specification for Short Base Metal Thermocouple", JJF 2019-2022 "Specification for Temperature Performance Test of Liquid Constant Temperature Test Equipment", JJF 1909-2021 " Calibration Specifications for Pressure Thermometers" and JJF 1908-2021 "Calibration Specifications for Bimetallic Thermometers". PANRAN is honored to be one of the drafting units of the three among four specifications, and has done its part to promote the development and progress of the temperature measurement industry.


During the publicity meeting, the experts introduced the content of these four regulations and specifications to the participants in detail, and explained the technical requirements and latest changes in the specifications one by one. Through the explanations of the experts, the majority of temperature measurement workers have a deeper understanding of these specifications, better grasp the implementation requirements of the new version of the measurement technical specifications, and improve the accuracy and reliability of temperature measurement.

The meeting invited many industry experts to conduct technical exchanges and discussions. Mr. Xu Zhenzhen, the product manager of PANRAN, brought a seminar report entitled "Several Problems and Solutions for Short Thermocouple Calibration". In the report, Mr. Xu introduced the application of short thermocouple calibration, the axial uniform temperature field and the treatment of the reference junction. Mr. Xu pointed out that the constant temperature source and reference junction are important sources of uncertainty in the calibration of short thermocouples. Manager Xu's report was highly appraised by the participants and received great attention.


As a participating unit, we brought ZRJ-23 series intelligent thermal instrument calibration system, PR721 series precision digital thermometer, PR331 series short multi-zone temperature calibration furnace and other hot-selling products. These products not only demonstrate PANRAN's strength in the field of temperature measurement technology, but also demonstrate our company's concept of seeking development through innovation to experts and colleagues in the industry.


This meeting provides us with an excellent opportunity to learn and communicate. We sincerely thank the National Thermometry Technical Committee for the invitation and all experts and colleagues for their attention and support. We believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, temperature measurement technology will be able to meet more challenges and achieve more brilliant achievements.

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