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PANRAN made an eye-catching appearance in many places


Conference review | Wonderful Presentation!

From April 18th to April 23rd, 2023, PANRAN as an enterprise that has been deeply involved in the temperature/pressure measurement industry for many years, made a stunning appearance in Hangzhou, Changsha and Xiangyang with a variety of latest products.

Hangzhou: Professional Training, Quality Improvement

From April 18th to 20th, the "Training Course on Technical Specifications of Temperature and Humidity Professional Measurement and Examples of Standard Construction Report" organized by Great Wall Metrology was successfully held in the beautiful city of Hangzhou. Representatives of many metrology institutes and metrology companies from all over the country gathered together to learn a number of verification regulations/calibration specifications.


In this training, our company brought many new products to the scene. By interacting with peers and experts in the industry, we gained an in-depth understanding of industry development and market demand, which stimulated the improvement and innovation of their respective business and technical capabilities.

XiangYang: Military-Civilian Integration, Precise Measurement

On April 20, the first "Industrial Metrology Supports Aviation Equipment High-Quality Development Forum Conference" hosted by the National Aviation Power Plant Maintenance Industry Metrology and Testing Center was held in XiangYang City, Hubei Province. The meeting invited more than 100 military and other manufacturing companies to participate in the forum. It is a rare event that gathers military companies around the development of the metrology industry.


All along, PANRAN's products are widely used in the military industry, and we have undertaken many customized R&D projects to meet the high-end needs of the military industry. At the conference booth, under the active and enthusiastic explanation and communication of the staff, PANRAN's products showed strong advantages and brand strength, won the unanimous approval of many customers, established contact with other key enterprises in the military field, and opened up much more space for cooperation.

Changsha: Show Strength and Won Attention

From April 21st to 23rd, the "24th Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo Hunan New Energy Industry Development Conference and New Energy and Power Equipment Expo" was successfully held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. This grand event brought together more than 500 well-known brands, showcased the debut of more than 1,000 smart new products, and attracted widespread attention from 10 concurrent forums. More than 100 industry leaders discussed and discussed the future development direction.


As one of the exhibitors of the exhibition, we showed you a variety of new products, including the latest upgraded ZRJ-23 calibration system, PR331A short multi-zone temperature calibration furnace, PR540 freezing point thermostat, etc. The booth attracted many industry experts to visit, exchange and negotiate business. The staff conducted in-depth discussions with elites from various industries to find a win-win way for future cooperation.

Colorful Conference: Wonderful Presentations!

Wonderful Presentation! These conferences not only provide us with a platform to showcase and learn, but also further expand the company's vision in terms of technology and market. We believe that these communication and learning opportunities will bring more inspiration and motivation to the company's future development. In the days to come, we will continue to adhere to the spirit of excellence, provide better products and services, and return everyone's support and trust with excellent product performance!

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