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Wonderful review of offline exhibition | PANRAN shines at the 5th International Metrology Exhibition


CMTE CHINA 2023---The 5th China International Metrology Exhibition


From May 17th to 19th, during the 5.20 World Metrology Day, PANRAN participated in the 5th China International Metrology Exhibition held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall with full of sincerity.


At the exhibition site, PANRAN attracted many visitors to stop and consult with its bright and energetic PANRAN "orange". PANRAN attendees received every customer with enthusiasm, shared the characteristics of the product, patiently answered various questions, and listened to various suggestions with an open mind.



During the exhibition, the host of Instrument Network came to the booth of PANRAN and introduced PANRAN's main brand products and future product planning to the global audience. Xu Zhenzhen, the product manager of the company, introduced in detail the main product of this exhibition - ZRJ-23 verification system, which has achieved a qualitative leap in form, performance and uncertainty indicators. In addition, Manager Xu also answered the current customers' difficulties in calibrating short/thin film/special-shaped thermocouples and proposed solutions. During the interview, Manager Xu also introduced PANRAN's future product line planning. He said, "In the future, we will further enhance the use of big data and intelligent improvement, so as to improve product quality and product reliability."


By displaying innovative products and perfect solutions, Panran expressed to the industry our pursuit spirit of exchanging sincerity for sincerity in the measurement industry. We will unremittingly pursue innovation and excellence, continue to improve our own strength, and provide customers with better quality products and service.

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