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May 20th, The 22nd World Metrology Day


PANRAN Appeared at The 3nd China(Shanghai) International Metrology Measurement Technology And Equipment Exhibition 2021

From May 18th to 20th, the 3rd Shanghai Metrology and Testing Expo was held in Shanghai.

More than 210 high-quality suppliers in the field of high-quality measurement came to the exhibition. Experts, technicians, and end-metering users from all over the world came to observe the scene in person.


As a well-known enterprise in the field of measurement, PANRAN has nearly 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. In response to the development needs of the temperature measurement and calibration instrument field at this exhibition, Panran brings the company's new product , The latest products of temperature/pressure series, such as PR330 series Multi-zone Temperature Calibration Furnace, PR750/751 Series High Precision Temperature and Humidity Recorder, PR291/PR293 series Nanovolt Micro-ohm Thermometer, PR9120Y Automatic Hydraulic Generator, etc. appeared at the exhibition, fully demonstrating the company's technical strength and innovation in the field of measurement.


During the exhibition, the rich display content of the company's booth attracted many visitors to the exhibition to stop and negotiate. The new product multi-zone temperature calibration furnace "attracts many eyes", and the high-precision temperature and humidity recorder is also attracting attention!


PR330 series multi-zone temperature calibration furnace uses innovative technologies such as multi-zone control, DC heating, balanced load, active heat dissipation, and embedded temperature control sensor, extending its working temperature to 100°C~1300°C, and has excellent coverage. The temperature field uniformity and temperature fluctuation of the temperature section greatly reduce the uncertainty in the process of temperature traceability. The PR330 series multi-zone temperature calibration furnace has been unanimously recognized by the professional audience on site for its high performance and many user-friendly designs.


PR750/751 series of high-precision temperature and humidity recorders have attracted the attention of many visitors with their compact appearance. The small appearance has great functions! This series of recorders are suitable for testing and calibration of temperature and humidity in a large space in the range of -20℃~60℃. It integrates temperature and humidity measurement, display, storage, and wireless communication. The appearance is small and easy to carry. Its use is very flexible and can be used. Combine with PR190A data server, PC and PR2002 repeater to form a variety of temperature and humidity test systems suitable for different scenarios.



The three-day exhibition came to a perfect conclusion. 

Thank you for coming to the booth for consultation and communication, and thank you for your support to PANRAN.

Looking to the future, PANRAN will continue to innovate, promote the development of the measurement field through leading innovative products and solutions, and meet the needs of more users for various thermal products.

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