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The 23rd World Metrology Day |"Metrology in the Digital Era"


May 20, 2022 is the 23rd "World Metrology Day". The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and the International Organization for Legal Metrology (OIML) released the 2022 World Metrology Day theme "Metrology in the Digital Era". People recognize the changing trends that digital technology has on today's society.


World Metrology Day is the anniversary of the signing of the Metric Convention on May 20, 1875. The Metric Convention lays the foundation for the establishment of a globally harmonized measurement system, providing support for scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing, international trade, and even improved quality of life and global environmental protection.


With the rapid development of the information age, digitization has penetrated into all walks of life, and digital measurement will also become the development trend of the measurement industry. The so-called digital measurement is to process a large amount of unquantifiable data through digital processing, and display it more intuitively and standardized. One of the products of digital metering, "cloud metering", is a revolutionary change from decentralized metering to centralized network metering, and a technical transformation from simple metering monitoring to deeper statistical analysis, making metering work more intelligent.


In essence, cloud metering is to integrate cloud computing technology into the traditional metrology calibration process, and transform the acquisition, transmission, analysis, storage and other aspects of calibration data in the traditional metrology industry, so that the traditional metrology industry can realize decentralized data to centralized data. , Change from simple process monitoring to deep data analysis. As a professional manufacturer of temperature/pressure measurement and calibration instruments, Panran has been adhering to the quality principle of continuous improvement, doing its best to meet customer needs and serve customers, and all products are constantly being upgraded and improved. Panran Smart Metering APP uses powerful cloud computing technology to apply cloud computing to temperature calibration, making customers' work easier and improving the sense of use.

The Panran Smart Metering APP is constantly being upgraded, and supports a wider range of devices and functions. Used in conjunction with equipment with network communication function, it can realize remote real-time monitoring, recording, data output, alarm and other functions of networked equipment; historical data is stored in the cloud, which is convenient for query and data processing.


The APP has IOS and Android versions. The APP is continuously updated and currently supports the following smart devices: ■ PR203AC Temperature and Humidity Inspector

■ ZRJ-03 intelligent thermal instrument verification system

■ PR381 series temperature and humidity standard box

■ PR750 series temperature and humidity recorder

■ PR721/722 series precision digital thermometer

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