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Temperatures Rise & Fall,Its All Panrans Call——Panran International Department Team Activities


In order to let the salesmen of Panran (Changsha) branch get to know the company's new product knowledge as soon as possible and meet the business needs. From August 7th to 14th, the salesmen of Panran (Changsha) branch carried out product knowledge and business skills training for each salesperson for a week.


This training involves company development, product knowledge, business skills, etc. Through this training, the salesperson's product knowledge is enriched and the sense of honor for the company is enhanced. In the face of different customers, I have enough confidence to lay a solid foundation for the completion of the next work tasks.

Before the training, General Manager Zhang Jun led everyone to visit the company's R&D, production and other departments, and witnessed the company's leading position in the temperature and pressure measurement industry.



He Baojun, technical director, and Wang Bijun, general manager of the pressure department, respectively trained everyone on the basic knowledge of temperature and pressure measurement, so that the learning of temperature and pressure products would be easier in the future.


Product Manager Xu Zhenzhen gave everyone new product training and had an in-depth discussion on the development of products suitable for foreign trade.


After the training, each salesperson will also receive stronger support and encouragement. In the following work, the knowledge learned from this training will be applied to actual work, and their own value will be realized in their respective jobs. Follow the development of the head office, learn and improve, and make progress together.

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